A mixture of herbs to balance the digestive system and mood

Melissa, calendula, rosebuds, jasmine flowers, louise, chamomile, white miniature


The infusion of perfume routes inspired by the Nabataeans, the desert nomads who transported spices, incense and spices from East to West during the Roman Empire.


The infusion of the spices is a homage to the Nabataeans, the desert nomads, who engaged in the transfer of goods - spices, resins (myrrh and frankincense) in perfumes and fabrics.

They were called the kings of the desert, because they knew the secret of the cisterns. In camel caravans that crossed the desert, they outlined the route he would call over the years: Through the Spices.

This was the inspiration for creating this colorful decision. Each plant brings to its mouth a series of healing and reflections on ways and journeys.

Infusion of perfumes

Herbal mixture