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My name is Irus, treats herbs and develops natural cosmetics that combine clinical, modern and traditional knowledge.
The workshops and meetings I conduct in the field of herbal medicine are designed to bring the medicinal plants closer to the home environment and integrate them in the daily use of beauty, culinary and medicine.

You can find information from the world of pharma, ethnobotics, natural pharmacology, herbal medicine and raw living.

In the virtual store you will find the new products, the old ones and the ones in development.
In the blog you can track the stories, journeys and research within the various worlds of medicinal plants and spice.
The workshops are the encounter that allows me to mediate the knowledge onward to you, face to face, with tips that teach you how to do it at home and allow you to smell, touch, smear, taste and gather your knowledge as a side to the road

The Tea House is an oasis, a place to stop on the road and savor special infusions and herbalist herbal remedies.
The information about the plants and spices that appears here is embedded in herbal mixtures for decomposition, in the beauty products, in the clinic and in the Herbalist toolbox for cultivation, health and beauty.

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