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Alyssa's Tea Party

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What is expected in the workshop?

Tea and herbal infusions are one of the most popular and popular "flavored drinks" in the world.
In the workshop we will hold a tea party and taste different and weird types of herbal infusions that are customary around the world and in the immediate, local environment.
We will talk about the health benefits of different types of mixtures, we will learn how to make a delicious personal infusion for daily strengthening and relaxation,
And how they may help in common cases of insomnia, stress, indigestion, being overweight, ADHD and winter illnesses.

During the workshop, while sipping herbal infusions and wiping olive oil with hyssop and spices, I will tell the ancient secrets of the herbs available to us at the door of the house.
What is "Plant Hartlin"? Which plant will take you to sleep? Who will calm down the stress? What is the yellow that goes around in my soup? Lines to the character of hyssop, what part of the plant is responsible for sexual desire? Who will we take with us to a yoga class? And which one to a lonely island?
All this and more, at Alice's tea party :-)


Alyssa's Tea Party

Protect the spices for my cup of tea:

'Alyssa's Tea Party'.

Herbal and spice workshop in daily home use for medicine,

Cosmetics care and beauty, culinary and relaxing for body and mind.

The health benefits of herbal infusions and their use as a preventative medicine and for calming the body and mind in daily life.

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