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medical herbs


Medicinal plants - Louisa

It is a genus of the Horban family that includes 35 different species. The best known is Louisa Limoni.
Most Louisa species are identified as shrubs with small, dense flowers that need a lot of water and heat. The species are known as herbs. In Israel and the Arab world, the main use is in the infusion of the leaves of the plant, usually as an additive to mint. In Europe it is used to create different concentrates, sorbets, ice creams and even sauces that are served with meat dishes. The bush is recognized in folk and alternative medicine as a medicinal plant for the treatment of disorders of the digestive system and against sore throats.


Medicinal plants - calendula

The calendula welcomed the morning in the garden with a spectacular spring show.

Calendula is derived from calendula... the first day of the month - earned its reputation already thousands of years ago due to its effectiveness as an anti-infective agent in the external treatment of wounds, cuts, burns, irritations, dryness, skin inflammations and rashes, hemorrhoids and scar fusion. Its diverse effects also occur inside the body Widely expressed in the various systems: the immune system, the hormonal system, the digestive system, blood vessels, the liver, the gall bladder and lymph. You will find it shining and sparkling in the spring liver cleansing broths and in the legendary resin paste.
The powder of its petals can be used as a natural food coloring instead of saffron or as a salad seasoning.

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